GBU Operation


PT. Thiess Contractor Indonesia (“TCI”)

  • Established on 1927
  • On January 2015, Thiess became the world’s largest contract miner
  • Major Services : Development, Extraction, Processing, Remediation, Asset Management and Maintenance, etc.
  • Indonesia Coal Mining Clients : KPC Sangatta, Bayan Group at Melak Coal Mine, PT. Arutmin Indonesia at South Kalimantan, Harum Energy's Mahakam Sumber Jaya at South Kalimantan and etc.
  • Contract for 7 Years Period.

PT. VPR Laxmindo ("VPR")

  • Established on 2008
  • Clients : PT. Bara Kumla Sakti, PT Garda Tujuh Buana
  • Contract for 5 Years Period, Extendable for 3 years
  • Website :

PT Ricobana Abadi (“RBA”)

  • Established on February 19, 1981 with core business in heavy equipment contract services and spareparts supplies
  • Developed a heavy equipment rental division in 1985 to cater to industry demand
  • Appointed sole agent for marketing kobelco branded equipment spare parts in 1986
  • Sub-contractor of JO Jaya Obayashi for Paiton PLTU project in 1991
  • Key Clients: PT Berau Coal, PT Tanito Harum,etc.
  • Website :