Social Responsibility

Community Development, Health, Safety and Environment

GBU believes that the key to success in building strong relationship lies in the establishment of constant, two‐way communication with all parties involved. Since its presence in 2012, GBU has built on its good reputation by developing local communities in the area of education, health, social and economic development.

In the area of conservation, GBU has begun to minimize structural damage to the ecosystem since the construction commencement of its mining inftrastructure. GBU is working to achieve long‐term conservationism of the Mother Nature by aligning key stakeholders with GBU standard of natural conservatism. One of the key practical steps was to engage all contractors involved in mine operation to adopt environmentally sound policy and procedure with monitoring from both sides.

Other specific activities that we have conducted thus far are:

  • Regular support for the local communities in the area of cultural and religious programs.
  • Local community manpower development involving several direct, on-the-job training sessions of several high school and university graduates.
  • Infrastructure development on some of the road heavily in need of repair and maintenance.
  • Improvement in the quality of water supply and system in some villages in need of clean water.
  • Free health check-up for local communities in conjunction with local clinic and hospital.
  • Joint survey with reputable university such as with Inter-CAFÉ IPB (Integrated Center for Applied Finance and Economics Institute Pertanian Bogor). The survey was conducted in conjunction with the community development’s main agenda which is to adopt sustainability program that maximizes the local community capabilities.