GBU Operation

Coal Resources, Reserves & Quality

  • GBU commenced its initial exploration in 2007 which warranted further drilling to substantiate the result through internationally recognized resources and reserves measurements
  • In 2012, PT Danmar Explorindo, an internationally JORC licensed consultant engaged by GBU issued JORC report on GBU coal resources, reserves and quality. The summary of the resources, reserves and quality are as follow:

The table below highlights GBU reserves, resources and coal specifications:

Coal Quality (ROM)

CV (arb)TM (arb)CV (adb)IM (adb)Ash (adb)TS (adb)HGI
5.012 25.5 5.772 14.08 8.63 0.8 50

Typical Product Specification

CV (arb)TM (arb)CV (adb)IM (adb)Ash (adb)TS (adb)HGI
5.100 25 5.780 15.00 8.00 0.9 50