GBU Operation

Mine Operation

GBU adopts methodical mine planning matched with the objective in finding the most economical ore extraction plan. However, GBU’s view to adopt a long-term planning strategy in view of safeguarding the future viability of the company’s coal businesses.

GBU’s short-term mine plan strategies are:

  • To mine at the most economically beneficial mine design by optimizing the strip ratio to meet coal market trends.
  • To be conservative in mine planning and execution for a smooth commencement of production and subsequent production ramp up.
  • To deploy strategy to ensure higher degree of financial visibility without scarifying risk associated timing and production setback.
  • To partner with contractors who posses complete understanding of the operation as well as social landscape.

GBU’s medium-to long-term strategies are:

  • To continuously demonstrate its capability to orchestrate between sound mine planning & execution, financial requirements from various stakeholders and the dynamics of the market condition.
  • Strive to maintain good balance between key performance factors vs the varying degrees of operating landscapes.